Pricing Money In A Jar

Pricing is Easy with The Laundry Heroes

Wash & Fold is Priced per Pound of Laundry. 

  • $2.40 per pound when you Request a Pick-up as Needed
  • $2.20 per pound when you register for Recurring Weekly or Bi-Weekly Pick-up Service

Large items such as Comforters, Quilts, and Large Blankets are charged per item, see price list below.
Dry Cleaning is also charged per item, see price list below.
We charge a $40 minimum per order, which can be a combination of any of the above items.
There is a small fuel surcharge added to every pick-up. 

Wash & Fold Pick-Up & Delivery Prices

By Request
Per Pound

**$40 Minimum Order

Per Pound

**$40 Minimum Order

Same Day Pick-Up

Same Day
Per Pound

**$40 Minimum Order

Same Day Pick-up:

Schedule your pick-up for Today.  Our driver will adjust their route to pick-up your laundry right away.  We will deliver your washed and folded laundry the next day

How Many Pounds of
Laundry Do I Have?

A 13-gallon kitchen trash bag will hold 10-15 pound of laundry. 

A household with 4-5 people will average 40-50 pounds of laundry per week, which equates to 7-8 loads of laundry at home. The customer in this picture had a total of 27 pounds of laundry in the two trash bags. 


Individually Priced Items

  • Comforter (King/Queen) $30.00
  • Comforter (Full/Twin) $25.00
  • Quilt Bedding / Mattress Pad (King/Queen) $30.00
  • Quilt Bedding / Mattress Pad (Full/Twin) $25.00
  • Blanket / Duvet Cover $20.00
  • Bath Mat $9.00
  • Dog Bed Cover $25.00
  • Sleeping Bag $25.00

**For down items, we charge an additional $5.00 fee for the extra material

The reason we charge separately for these items is because they require washing and drying to be separated from the rest of your order. Comforters can take several hours to dry with light heat or air-only settings.

Dry Cleaning Prices

  • Blouse $8.95
  • Cardigan $9.95
  • Coat $15.95
  • Top Coat $24.95
  • Dress $13.95
  • Dress (Formal) $29.95
  • Sweater Dress 22.95
  • Skirt $7.95
  • Hat $7.95
  • Jacket $18.95
  • Jacket - Down 27.95
  • Jumpsuit $13.95
  • Pants $9.95
  • Shirts $4.95
  • Shorts $7.95
  • Sweater $11.95
  • Tie $6.95
  • Vest $9.95
  • Scarf/Shawl $4.95
  • Bra $4.95
  • Suit (Two Piece) $29.95

Commercial Services:

Commercial laundry service cost depends on how much laundry you generate, how often you require our service, and what type of laundry it is. 

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