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We Wash and Fold Your Laundry!

The Laundry Heroes offers Wash and Fold Pick-up and Delivery Services in South King County and North Pierce County.  Our mission is to “Save the Day” by doing your laundry for you so you can spend your time on the things that matter the most.  We know that your clothes are important, and we will do our best to care for your clothes and wash them according to your high expectations. 

We have standard wash and fold procedures; however, you can customize anything in the process.  Select custom detergents, softeners, dryer sheets or send us your own and we will us it!  Tell us what clothes to put on hangers or not to put on hangers.  Our mission is to save you time and deliver your clothes exactly the way you want it done!

Select Wash Options

We will use our Standard Wash & Fold Fresh Scent Options to clean your laundry, unless you specify alternatives. When you schedule a pick-up, you can select any of the options below.  Maybe you only want Free & Clear Detergent and no softener or dryer sheets…you can do that! 

Fresh Scent Standard Options

  • Fresh Scent Detergent, such as Gain Original
  • Scented Fabric Softener, such as Downy April Fresh
  • Dryer Sheet, such as Bounce Outdoor Fresh
  • Clorox Bleach, only used when requested on whites

Unscented Free & Clear Options

  • Unscented Free & Clear Detergent, such as All Free & Clear
  • Unscented Free & Clear Fabric Softener, such as Downy Free & Gentle
  • Dryer Sheet, such as Bounce Free & Gentle

You can also request Detergent Upgrades or even Send Your Own Detergents

  • Tide Detergent – $0.05 per pound of laundry
  • ECOS Free & Clear Detergent – $0.05 per pound of laundry
  • ECOS Magnolia & Lily Detergent - $0.05 per pound of laundry

Washing, Drying, and Stain Removal

We also have standard washing procedures, but you can request different water temperatures, dryer temperatures, and have whites washed separately with bleach if you want. 

Our Standard Wash:  Clothes are separated by Light Colors and Dark Colors, then Washed Separately.  We wash with Cold Water and use Medium Dryer Heat unless you request otherwise.  You can request whites washed separately with or without bleach. 

Of course…we always wash and dry your clothes separately from other customers! 

Stain Removal:  You can also request that we do light stain removal. Please place all stained clothing in a separate bag and let us know by including a note on the bag or in your laundry profile and we’ll do our best to get it out by using a stain remover spray such as OxiClean MaxForce Laundry Stain Remover Spray.  If you aren’t able to separate the clothing with stains, we can check every item of clothing and pre-treat all stains for an additional $0.40 per lb.

We will pat pockets for objects as we sort clothes prior to the wash, however we cannot check inside every pocket.  The Laundry Heroes are not responsible for items that are lost in the wash or damaged due to items left in pockets (crayons, pens, markers, chapstick, lipstick, etc.).

What do we Fold and what do we put on Hangers?

Our standard is to put the following clothes on hangers: 

  • Collared and Button up shirts,
  • Dresses,
  • Blouses,
  • Sweaters,
  • Hoodies & Sweatshirts,
  • Slacks and Dress Pants,
  • Coats and Jackets. 

We provide hangers for free. You can also send your own hangers and we will use those to hang your clothing. All other clothes and linens are folded and ready for you to put away in the drawer or linen closet. Of course, you can request other clothes to be placed on hangers or all of your clothes to be folded.

For more details about our processes, see our FAQs.


It’s Your Laundry, but It’s Our Job!